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Welcome to Rijk Zwaan.

Rijk Zwaan specializes in breeding and supplying vegetable seed for commercial cultivation in glasshouses, polythene tunnels, hydroponics and outdoors, anywhere in the world. This places the company amongst the top 10 largest vegetable breeding companies in the world.

The company’s primary focus is on creating new vegetable varieties. Our range of varieties is renewed and improved year after year. Rijk Zwaan has several breeding stations. They are situated in three different climate zones: the temperate climate zone, the land climate and the Mediterranean climate.

Thorough genetic research is nowadays the crucial basis for breeding fast and innovatively. That is why Rijk Zwaan has its own biotechnological laboratory – one of the most modern in the area of plant genetics in Europe – and a large team of plant scientists. They perform research in the areas of quantitative genetics, biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology.

Increases in scale, rising prosperity and professionalisation of growing methods make vegetable production and trade an international activity. Rijk Zwaan, too, is a truly global player. With customers in about 100 countries, the company is laying far-reaching foundations for worldwide knowledge of and experiences with vegetables. In order to spread this knowledge and share these experiences, Rijk Zwaan has international product and chain teams. An international team frequently offers a specific added value to customers who are active in various countries and have a multiple-product package, such as internationally-operating growers’ organisations, supermarket chains and vegetable processors.

Rijk Zwaan has ambitions to find flavour, convenience and health in everything nature has to offer in plants, and then to translate these characteristics into the wishes of the various consumer segments. By constantly having its feelers out, Rijk Zwaan is able to develop exactly the variety that fits in with the culture, trend and difference in taste, anywhere in the world. Because that is what makes eating vegetables fun, delicious and healthy.

With our services, growers, vegetable processors and merchants we are able to develop new possibilities for using vegetables which are perfectly tailored to today’s market demands, anywhere in the world.

Range: 28 vegetable crops; > 1.200 varieties. Annual turnover: € 450 million. Sales: in more than 100 countries. Subsidiaries: 30. Employees: 2,800. Head office: De Lier, the Netherlands
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Jan Doldersum
+31 6 20 39 02 99
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